MERLIN Deliverables

Deliverable D1.1 Online case-study portal to share knowledge and report findings (09/2022)

Key messages:

  1. The MERLIN online case-study portal is designed to share knowledge of the 17 MERLIN case studies.
  2. The portal provides interactive access to information from case-study level to European scale and across the restoration types including Peatland & Wetland, Small Streams and Basins, and Large Transboundary Rivers.
  3. Each case-study has a unique page through which details of the restoration activities, objectives and key stakeholders can be viewed.
  4. The portal has been designed to allow dissemination of data on Case-Study Impact Assessments across MERLIN Indicators for the European Green Deal.
  5. The portal will also indicate progress in the implementation of new restoration measures in the MERLIN case-studies through application of the IUCN Global Standard for evaluating Nature-Based Solutions.
  6. The portal provides an important dissemination tool to inform the scientific community as well as the general public on the benefits of restoration across scales.
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Deliverable D1.2: New framework for monitoring systemic impacts of freshwater and wetland restoration actions (09/2022)

Key messages:

  1. Robust demonstration case-studies are needed to evaluate whether improvements in ecosystem condition are translated into improvements in ecosystem services.
  2. This research is essential for effectively scaling-up nature-based solutions across Europe and providing the evidence to support transformation agendas in society and industries, and ultimately supporting the ambitions of the European Green Deal.
  3. Clear guidance and standardised indicators help monitor the impact of freshwater and wetland restoration measures on European Green Deal goals.
  4. These monitoring indicators should include environmental indicators (e.g. for biodiversity, greenhouse gas emissions and water storage capacity) as well as socio-economic indicators such as stakeholder representation, private finance mobilisation and job creation.
  5. A combined Before-After-Control-Intervention (BACI) monitoring design is recommended to provide robust evidence and attribute change to the restoration measures.
  6. Benchmark (cost or effort) and local/regional context data (e.g. land use, governance) are also needed alongside monitoring of impacts to not just measure what has happened at a site but to understand why it has happened.
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Deliverable D5.1 MERLIN dissemination and exploitation plan (02/2022)

Key messages:

  1. MERLIN has defined seven principles for making impact that build the framework for communication, dissemination and exploitation in the project.
  2. Along these principles, six relevant target groups are specified, for which different tools of communication and dissemination are determined.
  3. All activities are centred around the ‘MERLIN key outputs’, which are the 33 project deliverables with public dissemination level.
  4. These key outputs are grouped into clusters to streamline the communication and dissemination activities along six main thematic strands.
  5. Centrepiece of this dissemination and exploitation plan is the specification of all MERLIN key outputs and the envisaged dissemination and exploitation channels.
  6. Eleven key performance indicators and target values have been identified for the different communication and dissemination tools.
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Deliverable D5.2 MERLIN website and leaflet (01/2022)

Key messages

  1. The MERLIN webpage serves to inform the scientific community as well as the general public about the MERLIN project, its aims and its activities.
  2. The MERLIN webpage will continuously be updated and amended with MERLIN results and related information during the project’s lifespan.
  3. The MERLIN leaflet is meant to inform the public about restoration and nature-based solutions in general and specifically about the MERLIN project.
  4. The MERLIN leaflet will be translated into all case study languages.
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