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The MERLIN Academy aims to create an informative environment where users can find everything they need to advance their understanding and effectiveness in the field of freshwater ecosystem and wetland restoration and nature-based solutions, including topics like innovative restoration techniques, financing, restoration governance and monitoring. This comprehensive resource hub is designed to facilitate knowledge sharing and capacity building, ultimately contributing to more sustainable and impactful restoration initiatives worldwide. These resources are curated to support a wide range of users, from researchers and practitioners to policymakers and students.

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MERLIN Academy Learning Modules

This section of the MERLIN Academy provides an online learning platform that can be accessed by registered users any time and that enables interactive learning while tracking progress throughout the course. It is generally open to any interested person and is organised in four different modules.

The modules feature expert-recorded e-learning sessions, reading materials, accompanying graphics and guidance documents, as well as quizzes to assess the knowledge acquired. Additionally, related MERLIN webinars complement the information provided. Upon completing all courses within a module, participants receive a completion certificate issued by MERLIN.

The first Module – Module 3 – is now online and focuses on “The economics and financing of freshwater and wetland restoration”. It covers topics such as financing of nature-based solutions, from grant application to alternative financing mechanisms.

Open Learning Modules

MERLIN Academy Knowledge Centre

This section of the MERLIN Academy hosts a collection of valuable resources, including scientific publications, manuals and state-of-the-art guidance documents. It also provides links to datasets, tools, websites and trainings courses, all related to the planning, implementation and financing of freshwater and wetland restoration and nature-based solutions.

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MERLIN Academy Webinars

This section of the MERLIN Academy presents live and previous MERLIN webinars.

Click on “Watch our webinars” to find all MERLIN webinars so far, presented by scientists, NGOs, practitioners and other stakeholders focusing on topics around freshwater and wetland restoration as well as nature-based solutions, from financing and policy issues to latest science advancements.

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The webinar series is taking a summerbreak, we will be back in September.

The webinars are open and free for anyone to join.

MERLIN Academy Podcasts

This section of the MERLIN Academy presents MERLIN podcast episodes.

Click on “Listen to our podcasts” to find our MERLIN podcasts following our project in its journey, offering a behind the scenes look at some of the continent’s most ambitious freshwater restoration projects carried out through cutting-edge aquatic science and conservation as well as insights into MERLIN’s mainstreaming work and cooperation with economic sectors.

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