MERLIN webinars

The webinar series is taking a summerbreak, we will be back in September.

The webinars are open and free for anyone to join.

Previous webinars

Working with Nature-based solutions in the Nordics – going from words to actions

Leonard Sandin (Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, Oslo)

Ecosystem Restoration on a landscape level: how can it work in practice? - Forest Restoration Talk

Speakers from all EU Green Deal ecosystem restoration cluster projects

WaterLANDS: Upscaling co-created wetland restoration across Europe

Dr Shane Mc Guinness
(University College Dublin)

How does agriculture affect river ecology?

Christian Schürings
(University of Duisburg-Essen)

Barrier removal for river restoration: on the EU ambition of 25.000 km of free-flowing rivers

Wouter van de Bund
(European Commission – Joint Research Centre)

The Eddleston Water project – what has worked, and what have we learned about Natural Flood management and how to deliver it?

Chris J. Spray
(Tweed Forum / UNESCO Centre of Water Law, Policy & Science, University of Dundee)

Investing in nature-based solutions? – Finance for nature in Europe

Stephen Hart (European Investment Bank)

Transforming Freshwater Restoration through Nature-based Solutions - Working with Six Economic Sectors

Kirsty Blackstock (James Hutton Institute)

Give me five peatland restoration strategies

Dominik Henrik Zak (Institute of Ecoscience, Aarhus University)

State of European freshwaters - Restoration needs and potentials

Paulo Branco (Forest Research Centre)

HORA 3D risk assessment tool

Thomas Hlatky (GRAWE)

Upscaling freshwater ecosystem restoration: the MERLIN approach (part 1)

Tom Buijse (Deltares)

Practical applications of Nature-based Solutions in river restoration and management

Hamish Moir (cbec)

Nature Impact Tokens as a means unlock "nature positive" investment

Paul Jepson – (creditnature Ltd)

The EU nature restoration law: an opportunity for scaling-up the restoration of freshwater ecosystems.

Claire Baffert (WWF European Policy Office) & Eva Mayerhofer (European Investment Bank)

Strategic Monitoring to Learn from Nature-Based Solutions and Natural Infrastructure Projects

Dr. Charles B. van Rees (University of Georgia)

Corporate and private funding - its value for conservation

Louis Costa (MAVA Foundation)

Freeing rivers – restoration strategies in the state of Maine & implications for expanding the movement in Europe

Joshua L. Royte (The Nature Conservancy)

Monitoring and Evaluation of Nature-Based Solutions – thinking outside the box!

Kerry Waylen (James Hutton Institute)

Rewilding rivers in the Odra catchment – What is rewilding and why is it important?

Peter Torkel (Rewilding Oder Delta - Team Leader Poland)

Wetland restoration – Holy Grail or opening Pandora’s box of vector-borne and zoonotic disease risk?

Frauke Ecke (SLU)

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: Insights from IPBES and IPCC Intergovernmental Processes

Josef Settele (UFZ)

Why freshwater ecosystem restoration makes (economic) sense

Sien Kok (Deltares) & Sanja Prokrajac (WWF)